Specimens with data are available for research judged meriotorious by our Scientific Research Panel. The Resource collection is particularly well-suited for evaluation of diagnostic and prognostic markers since it includes primary breast cancer tissue and outcome data. The Resource will document the availability of the specimens required for approved studies to support applications for research funding.

This Resource is available to both academic and commercial researchers, in both the United States and worldwide.

The St. Louis Breast Tissue provides two different type of tissues:

Full Tissue Sections – the Resource prepares tissue to meet the requirements of approved research protocols. The Resources also provides clinical and outcome data, including demographic data, diagnosis, extent of disease, treatment, follow-up, recurrence, survival, and vital status. The Resource cannot provide information that would identify any patient.

Tissue MicroArray (TMA) slides – the Resource can provide customized Tissue MicroArrays (TMAs) and slides to researchers once approved by our Scientific Research Panel. Tissue cores can be in varying sizes from .06mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 3.00mm and 4.0mm.

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Will the Resource Provide Other Services?
When services are requested such as special pathological evaluation or clinical information beyond that normally provided are requested, collaborations may be established between researchers and Resource Investigators.

What data is available on cases in the Resource?
The following data items have been collected for all cases in the Resource:

  • Age of Diagnosis
  • Stage at Diagnosis
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Type of Recurrence
  • Breast Recurrence
  • Follow up Time
  • Time to Recurrence
  • Vital Status
  • Last Cancer Status
  • Histologic Type

*Other variables may be available or obtained if requested included (Family History, Genetic Mutations, Histologic Grade, etc.) Additional data may require additional time to gather; therefore, if the data are not part of the routine data capture, there may be an additional cost.